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Misguided Potential Rocket Scientists…

Before you actually start reading this post I want you to answer these 3 questions mentally and remember the answers until the end. You’ll know why…

  • What was your answer as a kid when you were asked what your dream was?
  • Do you have a passion? Give it a thought.
  • Do you regret about an opportunity which you missed for various reasons?

Did you make a mental note? If no, please do it. It’s a humble request. If yes, forget why I intrigued with these questions and enjoy reading the post.

“Life is a race” don’t know who coined it, but we entered this world with a less known fact that it’s a roller coaster ride whose ups, downs, turns, jumps and leaps will be decided by our parents and elders and our aim was etched by them  to survive in this race and win every lap to make them proud. Dreams we built were taller than Burj Khalifa, deeper than Marina Trench and colorful than a rainbow. So many hours, classes we spent dreaming. Those mini castles we built. “One day I’m going to be this-that…” So excited were we right?

I’m bet your face has a curve by now which is hard to figure out whether it’s a smile or a sad face.

Welcome to the reality.

We all study for marks, degree and finally a job which is not even remotely linked to what we studied.  Analogy is simple. No degree–>No job–> No pretty wife–>No credit card–>No social status. Being first in race is the priority. Everyone knows Neil Armstrong is the first man to land on moon. But no really cares who the second person was. This mindless cramming, working only brings mental stress. It may get us money and power. But is it really worth? If Michael Jackson’s father ordered him to be a boxer or Sachin Tendulkar’s father asked him to be a skater, think of the disaster it would have caused.

We all have potential to do achieve something, something very unique. It requires exact skills, right method of education, inspiration, acknowledgement, a proper system and true guidance. We are the Misguided Potential Rocket scientists, who for several reasons have been misled and unfortunate to be in respective fields for money, power, luxury and etc. The dream we dreamt day and night remains a dream forever. Like our elders say to us with a sly smile, I bet we will say to our future generation “You know? I wanted to be….. when I was a kid…. But we didn’t have facilities or money or parents didn’t agree….”

Robin Sharma quotes “Blaming others is excusing yourself.” If you couldn’t make it why point at others? World can give you sympathy but not the knowledge you always wanted to pursue. Greatest achievers on earth didn’t have even basic needs to survive. Yet they overcome all the barriers and lead the world. Steve jobs in Stanford Commencement Address mentioned “I didn’t have a dorm room, so I slept on the floor in friends’ rooms, I returned coke bottles for the 5$ deposits to buy food with, and I would walk the 7 miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna temple. I loved it.” He learnt calligraphy in college. It had no practical implementation in his life or could earn him a piece of bread. But when he designed the first Macintosh Computer it all came back to him. To this day Mac has a beautiful typography than any computers.

Examples of great person are many to mention. All we do is read about them feel good, have the fire in us, until we hear a critic laughing at us. Wham! We are back to our original grind. Who to blame is debatable. But what is really worth, is it a discussion or an implementation?

Before starting new any new venture ask yourself do you have anything new to learn? Are you thrilled of this fact? This venture can be anything. Don’t think of future results as of now.  Anything you try aim for excellence, success will chase you. Trying to impress someone, trying to get some attention, aiming for high grades is a momentary happiness. Be the best in what you do, rest will be yours soon. Aim of an engineer is to have excellent engineering skills, not grades.

Consider a scenario where you are stuck in a field or profession which you are least interested in. You always had a dream or passion. It’s never too late to make it up. Do something for your dream every day. Try finding an alternative where you can access the resources required for your dream. Wanted to learn guitar? Wanted to be a writer? Take up classes, join a course, practice. Greatest people were once laughed at the decisions they took. Again strive for excellence. Success will be yours.

Find your passion, work towards it. You know you are good at something, build on it. People will recognize you. Robin Sharma keeps it simple by quoting Be the Coldplay of your market space. Create fans, then wow them and then do whatever it takes to have them coming back for more.”

Be something more than you are now. We have been misguided. But we still have a rocket scientist in us. Think back why I asked you those 3 questions. Life is not a profit or loss statement.  Dreaming is a job done. Implementing is job for you.