Mamma Mia (Mother of Mine)

                               I kept looking at the clock which was hung above the blackboard of my class. Ten more mins for the final bell I told myself and started scribbling the given homework in my diary. My class teacher came checked my diary made small signature and I quickly threw it in my bag and pulled the zip with all my might. With a huge sack on my back was all ready to run and was waiting for the final bell.


              I swear to god, if Usain Bolt was my classmate in second grade I would have defeated him in obstacle race while dodging benches, nudging my classmates, flying down the stairs for what???? For my mother who was waiting for me at the school’s front yard with house keys tied to one end of her saree, clutching a small purse in her hand and happy to carry my heavy load of bag all the way back home. My mother is the first and one of the best things which has happened to me so far.

          I remember those days when she had to prepare breakfast for all and lunch for 4 boxes. Well balanced diet comprising of all vitamins and minerals with exact proportion, making it real tasty and also in time so that no one would be late because of her. She planned her day properly well ahead with plan B and C so that we wouldn’t step outside the house with hungry stomach. I had no idea about her daily routine until high school when I used wake up early and watch her juggling several things and yet keeping an eye on me Whether or not I dozed off reading the books. She made all our favorite food without an issue and I never knew her  favorite  food until few years back. She helped me with all home-works and projects etc as a kid. For all the questions and doubts I used to ask she had the patience to answer or find out why? At most disgusting times she st00d next to me and threatened my school bullies who played pranks on me. She was way too cool during parents teachers meeting when teachers had a dozen of problem with me and yet we used walk back home licking our both favorite orange ice candy. She was very strict  when it came to certain things like junk food, crisps, bunking classes, tests, exams etc. She was proud of me as well as my every miniscule achievement. Numerous prizes I won and she proudly told our whole locality about my success.

            Things changed after sometime. To this day I regret some things I shouldn’t have done or said. Literal wars happened and my mom was clueless which side to take on. Call me stupid, there were moments I was really ashamed of crimes I committed and yet my mom always supported and stayed with me even in the gravest time and believed in me. She taught valuable lessons which left me in awe. She inspired me and always told me to be gentleman. Her unconditional love and generosity made me a better person. She couldn’t any longer help me with certain things and she still watches me, smiling, trying to figure out an answer. She knows about things more than anyone I know. She helps my father with his meticulous planning, engages herself with beautiful craft works with my aunt and for me, she gives her best suggestions in every aspect Today I’m a graduate in Engineering but she holds the Phd in a subject called LIFE.

             I have never seen such an understanding person in my life. I really can’t pay back anything she has done for me so far. Neither one of us can possibly find a way to repay. For her I’m always handsome. We celebrate mother’s day every second sunday of may every year and make it a memorable day for our moms. I do it too. And I thought it’s high time to do something more. I learnt to do some basic cooking from her to help her in kitchen. At first she really didn’t wanted any help. But I forced my way in helping here with vegetables, tadka etc. I started doing my things independently without her help. There was a time she thought I was avoiding her and had silently cried. But when I explained my intention she couldn’t more happier.

             My mother raised me as a child overcoming all the obstacles. When I look at her now she is becoming more younger in heart and a lot cuter. She agrees with me when I say things calmly to her. I kid around her and she loves it instead of getting annoyed. She fears for smallest mistakes like dropping my things while arranging my table or dyeing my white tees with some colored clothes during wash. She sometimes feels insecure when we are talking about some topics she has no idea about. For instance Facebook, blogging, Twitter etc. It occurred to me a fact I was exactly the same when I was a small kid. I sit next to her and explain the new things to her. Funny part is she repeats the whole thing I had explained earlier to my relatives and her friends during a cup of tea or a get together.

            Its my turn to take care of her. I may never be able to provide what she provided me with,  but it shouldn’t stop me from trying.

“Dear amma,

              You never gave up on me and built so many dreams about me. Your confidence is my only hope which pushes me forward to keep trying. Don’t know if you’ll ever read this post which is exclusively dedicated for you but I’m sure you know it in your heart. Wish you knew how you could log in and check this post. I have dreams for you too. Big dreams. All I need is some time to make it true. I don’t have to beg because you have always believed in me. Your ickle sonnie is slow but has never failed in making you smile. I was home alone for few days when you went to cousin’s wedding. I was tired and was sick of doing all the household work all alone. I wondered how you did all this for so many years without a complaint. I silently put some tears and slept. No wonder every religion on this earth compares a mother to god. You have made me possimpible by your wisdom.

loads of love


              I thought of ending this post with the above letter. My mom came from upstairs and asked do I require anything to eat. I went to hug her. She pushed me back saying “Eh! go… All the time you hug… Tell me what shall I cook for you?”

    • vedenl
    • April 1st, 2012

    “Today I’m a graduate in Engineering but she holds the Phd in a subject called LIFE”
    very well written dude.. nice post.

    • krishnappan subramanian
    • April 1st, 2012

    beautiful..:) everything..n the writing:) loved the love letter:D

    • DexterMania
    • April 1st, 2012

    Beautiful 🙂

    • Divya Sharma
    • April 1st, 2012

    Great heart warming post, you are doing a great job, now excuse me while I go and hug my mom. 🙂

  1. lovely lovely writing 🙂 great job!! 🙂

    • sindhu
    • April 3rd, 2012

    nice dude!!
    gr8 job!;)

  2. Awww so cute, your mom must have read it and felt so happy that you appreciate what she does for you and the family

    • Yashaswini
    • April 6th, 2012

    My eyes welled up! Nice post Phani 🙂 Very well written..

  3. This article is very well written. I Love it. Very touching and I would like to have a copy of it right here in my hands. I understand that you have another article and I would like the chance to read that one also.I thank you for Sharing. Phann Kiledar I hope to be able to read more of your writtings. Best of everything to you,,Keep in touch…….CHUCHI

    • Diana Torres
    • April 14th, 2012

    Awwwweeee…… This really made me cry, I read this out to my mum and both had a wonderful moment cherishing your post. Love the post. Love you too.

  4. This makes a Lovely Birthday card for your MOM, since today is Her Birthday,,And next Month is Mother’s Day and a very nice card for that Day as also . She must be very Proud of you. I am glad you Shared it in Facebook. Love to you both…..

    • Poojita iyengar
    • April 20th, 2012

    beautiful!!!!:):)neva knew u wre so gud at writing!:);)

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