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           Everyday when I wake up, clueless how the day is going to be, I ask myself what are the top “unfinished things” of the yesterday’s baggage is still left to pack or unpack. I pick my cell under the pillow close numerous apps which might have been opened during night while shifting my massive head over the pillow, reading some unread text messages by my friends and some best deals and offers ads, I start making small notes in my mind of the things I should be doing later part of the day. Still not sure of anything I text my little sister, “Good Morning Kiddo” which has become a routine and also one of my favorite part of the day.

My day begins when she replies to my text and unknowingly a small smile appears on my face.

           How often have we asked ourselves what we really want in life? What we really want to do? What are we doing? Many a times we just don’t care and push ourselves to extremes just to satisfy others. Succeeded?? We go Yabba dabba dooo…! It really hits us when we don’t get the expected outcome for our efforts. Then comes the phase low fat ice creams, yogurts and sweat pants which seems never ending. See the brighter side, at least we know where we went wrong and we don’t have to take that path again.

           Aiming high is necessary. But Jesus hasn’t forbid you to enjoy small things in life. It can be anything like playing a game of poker online, writing a poem, giving a pet a nice bath, relaxing on a beach etc. Its okay to follow your heart real needs. Kismat(luck) and Karma are part of our lives. When something good happens we call it Kismat. Got hit by a brick? We call it Karma.

             Take a moment and think do what you really want. Sit back enjoy for a while. Be unconditional for a change.  Author of Five Point Someone, Chetan Bhagat says “Don’t be serious. Be sincere.” Smile even in the gravest time of your life, life will in return salute you.

–Phany. I’m master the of possimpible.